How long can I keep a Free plan?

For as long as you like! Even if that's forever.

How do I sign up?

Head over to our pricing page and choose the Free plan.

What types of webinars can I run?

You can only run a Live webinar. You can upgrade to a paid plan anytime to have access to Automated, Series, and Hybrid webinars.

How long can I run a Live webinar?

The maximum duration per webinar is 20 minutes.

How many attendees/participants can I have?

You can have up to 10 attendees at a time and you can invite 1 presenter/guest host.

How many Live webinars can I run with a Free plan?

You can run as many Live webinars as you want as long as the schedule does not overlap with another webinar.

Are Live webinars in a Free plan recorded?

Yes, all live webinars are recorded. You have an option to limit or disable the replay access of your attendees.

Can I run a paid webinar?

No. Paid webinars are available only with Pro and Business plans.

Can I integrate my Free WebinarNinja account into my CRM?

Yes, we have direct integrations with a few major CRM/email marketing services. The integration works to automatically add webinar registrants to your mailing list. We also integrate with Zapier.

I had a WebinarNinja account that I canceled a few months back. Can I retrieve recordings and webinar data from my old webinars with a Free plan?

Yes. You can access all webinar data from your Live webinars but not from other webinar types with a Free plan.

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