Note: The integration works to automatically add the registrants from WebinarNinja and students from CourseNinja to your mailing list in AWeber.

This is beneficial if you want to continue communicating with registrants/students via AWeber after your webinar/course or simply collect email addresses for future use.

To set up the integration for the first time:

Step 1: Click Integrations from the left menu.

  • Go to 3rd Party Apps.

Step 2: Click Connect under AWeber.

  • Enter your login name and password then click Allow Access.

  • You will get a message that the connection was successful. AWeber will now appear Connected.

Step 3: Select an existing list from the drop-down where you want your webinar registrants to be added to then click Update. This is applied to all registrants- attendees and non-attendees. Tagging is currently not supported.

  • Once done, the integration will appear Active.

You're all set! Your webinar registrants will now be synced with AWeber. All of your upcoming registrants will now be added to the AWeber list you specified.

To change the default setting:

Go back to Integrations > 3rd-Party Apps, then click the gear icon under AWeber. You can also disconnect the integration from here by clicking the power icon.

To add registrants from a particular webinar to a different list:

Step 1: Click My Webinars from the left menu.

  • Find the webinar for which you want to change settings, click Options to the right of it, then click Email Integrations.

  • Here you will see all CRMs currently connected to your account. Choose AWeber or any one of the CRMs and click the gear icon to the right of it.

Step 2: On this page, you will see the title of your webinar at the top and the status "Active (account settings)" which means that this webinar currently follows your account default settings.

  • You can now choose another list for this particular webinar then click Create for Webinar.

Note: Only those who signed up after the integration is activated will get added- not existing registrants. To add existing registrants, export the list as .csv then manually import the file to AWeber.

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