Publishing a webinar is easy. But first, decide whether you want to publish it as Public or Private:

  • Publishing a Public webinar allows it to appear in the Webinar Finder, as well as in search engines outside of the WebinarNinja platform. 
  • Webinars published as Private are available only to those with the specific registration link.

Once a webinar is published, you cannot change its privacy setting. If you publish a webinar with the wrong privacy setting, your only options are to clone the webinar and change the setting before publishing, or create a new webinar with the desired setting.

When you're ready to publish your webinar, follow these steps:

Step 1: On the My Webinars page, find the webinar you wish to publish.

Step 2: Click Publish, found right underneath the webinar title.

Step 3: Choose to make your webinar Public or Private (as discussed above).

Step 4: Choose the category that best suits your webinar.

Step 5: Click Publish and it's ready to go!

Note: If you want to test registration, log out of your WebinarNinja account and register for your webinar with a different email address (Not the one you use for your WebinarNinja account, which will be recognized as belonging to the host).

What's next?

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