Once your webinar is set up, published, and enough registrants are gathered, getting it started is a snap. Get in the webinar studio about 30 minutes before the scheduled time to prepare. 

Step 1: Enter the webinar studio.

The My Next Webinar section on the dashboard may show the webinar you're about to start. Clicking the Enter Studio button from there.

Otherwise, click My Webinars from the left menu.

On the next page, find the webinar you wish to start. For live webinars, click the blue Enter Studio button to the right.

For live webinars in a series, click Show All then click the play icon to the right of the individual webinar to enter the studio.

Step 2: Set up your camera and microphone with WebinarNinja. 

If this is your first time entering the studio, your internet browser may ask you for permission to access your mic and camera. Once that's granted, you can check your camera, microphone, and speakers in the studio settings window. 

  • Check your microphone with the volume meter. You'll want to make sure your volume level peaks at around 60%.
  • Click the Test button to check your speakers or earphones.
  • Finally, check your camera with the preview window.

Step 3: When your devices are good to go, click Enter The Studio.

The buttons for your camera and mic will appear when you hover your cursor at the bottom of your webinar screen. Click the buttons to toggle when you need to temporarily turn off your camera and/or mic on the webinar.

Note: These buttons are only visible when your camera feed is up on the webinar screen. 

Step 4: Once you're ready, click Start Broadcast, found in the upper-left corner of the screen. This will automatically start recording your webinar. 

You can only see the Start Broadcast button after the webinar has been published. That way, you can only start your broadcast when you're ready to have your webinar go live.

Starting your broadcast over 10 minutes too early will prompt for a confirmation as shown below. Once you start broadcasting, you will not be able to restart it. If you want to see how everything works before your live webinar, we suggest creating a test webinar.

Note: Take a look at how to use the questions area, polls area, and the offers area. More on running webinars here.

Step 6: Once you're done, simply click Stop Broadcast.

Step 7: A window will popup asking for a confirmation. Click Yes to confirm.

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