Instead of an evergreen webinar, we offer automated webinars. Create an automated webinar when you want an already existing webinar recording to run on its own at a pre-scheduled date and time. 

To learn more about automated webinars, see this guide.

Creating an automated webinar

Step 1: Click Create Webinar at the top right corner of your screen. You can also click the blue +Create New Webinar button on the dashboard.

Step 2: You will be taken to the Create New Webinar page. Select the type of webinar you prefer. In this case, click automated.

Step 3: Scroll down and fill in the details of your webinar. Start by giving your webinar a snappy title.

Step 4: Set the date, start time, and duration of your webinar. The time zone used here will depend on your Account Settings.

Step 5: Choose the frequency with which you want the webinar to repeat. Choosing Week from the second drop­down menu will allow you to set which days of the week you want it to run.

Step 6: Choose when you want the webinar to stop running- either by selecting a set number of occurrences, or selecting an end date.

Step 7: Choose a video file. 

You can use a past live webinar by selecting the option Select From My Webinar Replays then choosing a webinar from the dropdown.

Otherwise, select the option Use YouTube Video and enter its URL. Be sure there are no extra characters and/or spaces inadvertently placed with the UR. Please note that unlisted YouTube video will work but not private videos. 

Step 8: The webinar will be set as Free by default. If you'd like to charge for it, select Paid and set a price. You will need to integrate with Stripe beforehand.

Step 9: Click Create Webinar. That's it!

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