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Create a Scheduled, Recurring Automated Webinar
Create a Scheduled, Recurring Automated Webinar

Schedule a recorded webinar to repeat at specified dates and times

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From the My Webinars page, click Create Webinar.

On the next page, click Automated to set the webinar type.

Enter a webinar title then set the webinar registration as free or paid. For a paid webinar, a Stripe account is required.

For the timing, choose Specific dates/times. To give registrants the additional option of watching the webinar on-demand instead, select Both. Note that this cannot be changed after creating the webinar.

Configure the recurrence or repetition. You can choose to show the webinar every (second/third/fourth) week, day, hour, or month.

  1. Every week - Select the days you want the webinar to run. With this option, the webinar can run only once per day.

  2. Every day - Choose to have the webinar run a number of times each day at specific times.

  3. Every hour - Choose to have the webinar run every hour between the specified start and end time.

  4. Every month - Choose to have the webinar run every month. If a chosen date is not available for some months, such as the 31st, those months will be skipped.

Choose when to start the first webinar, and when the last webinar runs.

Click Advanced Settings to choose how many dates and times to show on the registration form, or to exclude specific dates from the selection.

Further down the page, click Add Video Files and choose a video to use on the webinar. A window will popup where you can choose videos from your Media Library.

You can also add or upload a new video instead by clicking Add New Video on the same popup window.

When adding a video from YouTube, you can set a start and end time to use only a part of the video. Note that the YouTube video must be public or unlisted, not private.

Lastly, choose if you want player controls available for your registrants during playback.

When you're all set, click Create Webinar.

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