To learn about live webinars, see this guide.

Step 1: Click Create Webinar in the top right corner of your screen. You can also click the blue +Create New Webinar button on the dashboard.

Step 2: Select the type of webinar you prefer. In this case, Live.

Step 3: Give your webinar a title.

Step 4: Set the date, start time, and duration of your webinar- up to 2 hours. The timezone is based on your Account Settings.

Step 5: Click Create Webinar.

Additional Options

Add a co-host

You can add a co-host to present and/or speak alongside yourself in the webinar. Click +Add Co-Host.

Enter their name and email address. If you prefer, you can edit the invitation email that your co-host will receive then click Save down the bottom.

This email will automatically send out after you publish the webinar. The first link provided in the invitation email will prompt your co-host to log in or sign up to accept the invitation, while the other link is for them to join the webinar.

Accept payments upon registration

If you want to charge for the webinar registration, select Paid and set a price. But you need to integrate with Stripe before you can do this.

What's next?

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