General Changes

Overall changes to the platform make WebinarNinja 6 even easier — and more powerful.

Farewell, Dashboard. Once you log in, you’ll be taken immediately to your “My Webinars'' page. Since that’s where most users go immediately after logging in, we figured we’d save you a click by skipping the Dashboard altogether.

Extended duration limits are now available, depending on your plan. Formerly, webinar durations and recordings for all plans were limited to 2 hours.

Currently, maximum webinar durations are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: 2 hours

  • Pro Plan: 4 hours

  • Plus Plan: 6 hours

  • Power Plan: 8 hours

New Media Library: Keep all your slides, images, Offers, Handouts, and video files in one convenient, searchable place, hosted by WebinarNinja.

From your Media Library, you can find and retrieve whatever you need, whenever you need it, right from the app — including your webinar replay recordings.

Co-Hosts are now Presenters: The Co-Hosting feature has been replaced with “Presenters.” Presenters can share their webcam, microphone, and screen with the webinar audience.

To designate a Presenter when creating a webinar, simply add them as a Presenter, and provide the appropriate information. The Presenter will receive a direct link to the webinar Studio via email once you publish the webinar. The Presenter will automatically be included in your Registration and “Thank You” pages.

Presenters do NOT require a WebinarNinja account. The link they receive via email goes directly to your webinar Studio.

Attendee Presenters: As Host, you can designate any live webinar attendee as a Presenter during the webinar, instantly allowing them to share their webcam and address the rest of the audience.

Attendees can request your permission to become a Presenter, or you can invite an attendee to become a Presenter at your discretion. You can grant and revoke Presenter permissions at any time during a webinar, switching from one Presenter to another on the fly.

You can also disable the ability of attendees to request permission to become Presenters in your Studio settings.

Previously, all WebinarNinja plans allowed a maximum of 3 Co-Hosts. Currently, Presenter limits are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: 2 Additional Presenters

  • Pro Plan: 4 Additional Presenters

  • Plus Plan: 6 Additional Presenters

  • Power Plan: 10 Additional Presenters

Note that Presenter limits apply only to simultaneous Presenters. Regardless of your plan, you can designate an unlimited number of attendees as Presenters, provided no more than your plan’s limit present at the same time.

Studio Changes

The Webinar Studio is completely redesigned for a smoother, more intuitive Host and attendee experience.

Separate Studio tab: Clicking the “Enter Studio” button from your “My Webinars” page will now open a new tab, leaving your “My Webinars” page open.

Questions, Polls, and Offers have moved. To make these features more visible and easier to navigate, Questions, Polls, and Offers will display in the overall Chat thread, as well as in their own dedicated tabs.

You can toggle between the Questions, Polls, Offers, Handouts, and overall Chat tabs, all of which are located in the same window.

Note: Both Hosts and attendees can designate any Chat comment as a Question, which will cause that comment to appear in the dedicated Questions tab.

Private messaging: Attendees can chat privately with Hosts and Presenters via the Chat window. This feature can be disabled for attendees in Studio settings.

Upvoting Questions: Attendees can upvote each other’s Questions in the dedicated Questions area, highlighting the most relevant or popular. Hosts can view Questions in chronological order, or in order of upvotes. This feature can be disabled in Studio settings.

Pinned chat messages: You can now “pin” important chat comments, so they’re not lost in the larger thread.

Chat editing/deletion: Hosts can delete or edit any chat messages during a webinar.

Presentation/Chat relative resizing: By clicking and dragging your cursor between the presentation screen and the Chat window, you can adjust the size of each, relative to the other.

Screen sharing no longer results in the “hall of mirrors” effect. The infinite picture-in-picture-in-picture effect that used to result from sharing your screen is gone, mercifully.

Keyboard shortcuts for presenting slides are functional. You can now use the SPACE or ARROW keys to move through your slide presentation during a webinar.

Videos can now be uploaded and played during a live webinar. This includes videos from YouTube, your Media Library, and your own computer.

Attendees can present! Attendees can now request to become “Presenters,” which will enable them to share their webcam, mic and screen to address the entire audience (with the Host’s permission, of course).

Depending on the plan, up to 10 attendees can present simultaneously, in addition to the Host.

Internet connection strength indicator and testing: Hosts can now monitor and test their Internet connection before and during a webinar (we recommend before 😉).

Poll results can display as a percentage. You can choose to display Poll responses in either raw numbers, or as a percentages of total votes.

Attendee and registrant information has been moved. From the Chat window, you can see who registered and attended.

Mobile Hosting: You can now Host webinars from mobile devices. However, you cannot share your screen when Hosting on a mobile device.

Improved mobile experience for attendees: An updated layout and design improves viewing and enables easier transition between the presentation screen and Chat window.

Timed Polls: Formerly, Polls were visible to attendees throughout a webinar. Now, you can set specific times for Polls to appear.

Offer images: You can now customize in-webinar sales Offers with images.

Handouts: It’s now possible to provide downloadable files, like PDF and Word documents, to your attendees during the webinar (up to 100 MB each). As with timed Polls, you can choose the specific time at which a Handout becomes visible to attendees.

Slide previewing: From the Host’s view, slide presentations will display such that the Host can view past and upcoming slides, in addition to the slide currently visible to the audience.

This allows you to skip from slide to slide freely, rather than only being able to navigate one slide forward at a time.

Hosts can now upload Apple Keynote slides directly into WebinarNinja, in addition to Powerpoint slides.

New layout option: vertical stacking. You can now split the screen between your camera feed and slide presentation vertically, as shown below:

All Studio settings are included in one place. You can now navigate and change all Studio options and settings from a single tabbed window.

A/V testing: Test and view the exact audio and visual bitrates from the Studio settings window.

Statistics Changes

All WebinarNinja plans now include more detailed metrics, so Hosts can more accurately measure performance.

New look and layout: The Statistics Page now looks like this:

Comprehensive statistics: You can now view statistics for all webinars, or all webinars of the same type, in a single snapshot of your overall webinar performance.

Registration Page visits: Track your traffic by viewing how many unique visitors came to each webinar’s registration page.

Engagement and Conversion graphs: Get a clear snapshot of how engaged your audience is, with graphic representations of overall clicks and other attendee activity.

Attendee-specific duration metrics: See how long each attendee stayed after joining your webinar.

Replay viewers: See which attendees watched your webinar replay, if you made one available.

Attendee-specific Chat metrics: See which attendees participated in the Chat for each webinar.

Attendee-specific Offer metrics: See which attendees clicked on your offer, broken down separately for live and replay attendees.

Handout metrics: See which attendees downloaded your downloadable Handouts, if applicable.

We’ve also upgraded overall streaming quality for an even more crisp, 1080p high-definition experience.

See for yourself: get started, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Support with any questions. We’re confident you’ll love the new WebinarNinja.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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