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Broadcast Webinars with mmhmm
Broadcast Webinars with mmhmm

Use the mmhmm app as camera input for your live webinar

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mmhmm is a third party virtual camera software that you can integrate with WebinarNinja to level up your webinar presentation.

Note: To use mmhmm with WebinarNinja, you must have the latest version of MacOS as well as an updated version of Chrome.

Setting Up

Step 1: Open the mmhmm app from your Applications folder.

Step 2: Click the broadcast button in the top left corner of the app to go ‘On Air.’

Learn more about using mmhmm from this help article.

Step 3: Log into WebinarNinja using Chrome and in My Webinars, find your upcoming or test webinar. Click Enter Studio to the right.

Step 4: On the Settings popup, click the drop-down menu under Camera and choose the mmhmm camera.

You can now use mmhmm as a camera input in the studio and you can use it as you like.

Whenever you’re ready, click the Start Broadcast button in the top left corner of the studio to start the webinar. Control your webinar presentation from the mmhmm app.


If you see the mmhmm logo on the camera preview and not your camera, mmhmm may not be active yet.

  1. Open the mmhmm app.

  2. Click the broadcast button in the top left corner of the app to go ‘On Air.’

  3. Restart Chrome and log into WebinarNinja again to re-enter the webinar studio.

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