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Add your webinar’s registration form to any page on WordPress.

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So you have a landing page on a WordPress site — and you want to use it as your webinar registration page. No problem! You can easily embed our webinar registration form onto your own WordPress page.

When people visit your WordPress website or custom landing page, they will see the registration form, and be able to enter their name and email address to sign up for your webinar.

After registering, they will be redirected to a 'thank you' page, which you can customize. They will also receive a confirmation email with their unique link and other details about the webinar.

Note: The registration form does not work on pages hosted on A self-hosted WordPress site is required. Learn more here.

Step 1: Create a registration form.

See the “Creating a registration form” section in this help article for a guide.

Once your registration form is set up, you are now ready to place it on your custom registration page.

Step 2: Copy the code for your registration form.

Go to Integrations > Registration Form and find the form you created under Existing Registration Forms. Click the “Copy Code” icon to the right.

Step 3: Paste the code.

Go to the page in which you want to embed a registration form, and edit it.

  • Add the Custom HTML code block to your page.

  • The block will appear on the page. Paste the code on the field provided.

  • Click Preview on the top of the block to see your registration form while editing

    your page.

  • Click Preview on the top right-hand corner to see your page first before you publish.

Step 4: Publish your page and that's it!

Here we have a blank web page as an example. Naturally, yours will have different details, but it’ll look something like this:

You may want to edit the rest of your page further, but you’re now ready to accept registrations on your own page.

Those who register through this form will automatically be added to your webinar’s registrants list and will receive the webinar's email notifications directly from WebinarNinja.

Note: The registration form cannot be used with paid webinars.

As a workaround for paid webinars, you can set up a button or link on your website that sends people to your paid webinar registration page on WebinarNinja. That way, you can securely collect payment via our Stripe integration for paid webinars.

What's next?

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