There is no way to edit a registrant's email address. You will want them to register again with the correct email address instead.

If you have a free webinar, simply have them re-register with the correct email. You can deregister the incorrect email address afterwards if you preferred.

If you have a paid webinar, having them re-register with the correct email will require them to pay again. However, it is not possible for them to access the webinar if they don't register again with their correct email address.

As a workaround, set the webinar to Free, register the person in their behalf, then set the webinar back to Paid.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Set the webinar to Free.

Click the My Webinars icon in the sidebar and find the webinar you need to edit.

Click Options to the right and click Edit Webinar.

Click the radio button that says Free.

Click Update Webinar.

Step 2: Sign up the affected registrant in their behalf.

Go back to My Webinars and click Share underneath the webinar title.

Copy the link and open it in a different browser in which you are not logged in.

Enter the registrant's name and email address to register them. They will then receive a webinar link to access the webinar with.

Step 3: Set the webinar back to Paid.

Back in My Webinars, click Options to the right of the webinar and click Edit Webinar.

Click the radio button that says Paid.

Click Update Webinar.

Do this at a time when people are less likely to register for your webinars to prevent them from registering for the webinar while it is Free.

In any case, you do have the option to deregister people from your webinar.


Tell us when you want to see the functionality to edit registrants' info in the future. 🤞

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