Use QuickTime to bring up the screen of your iOS device to your Mac. Combine it with our Screenshare feature and you can show it on a Live webinar. Great to use with drawing app like Notability or GoodNotes for whiteboarding and annotation!

You will need your iPhone or iPad on iOS 8 or later and your Mac on OS X Yosemite or later. You will also need a Lightning Cable to connect your iOS device to your Mac.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your Mac with a Lightning Cable.

Step 2: Open the QuickTime app on your Mac. Click File and select New Movie Recording.

Step 3: A recording window will appear. Click the arrow next to the record button and select your iOS device under Camera. 

You will see the screen of your iOS device showing through the QuickTime window.

Note: No audio will be captured from your iOS device with our Screenshare feature. 

Step 4: In the webinar studio, click the Share Your Screen icon on the sidebar. Choose to share the QuickTime window itself from the Application Window tab on Chrome or the drop-down menu on Firefox. Learn more about sharing your screen here.

The shared screen will initially appear in the bottom left of your screen. To maximize it, hover your cursor over the shared screen and click the blue round icon.

Step 5: When you see QuickTime on the webinar screen, you can now start working on your iOS device and your attendees will see it.

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