It's a great time to get into the webinar platform business, especially as an affiliate.

If you already have your affiliate link to our home page, that's great! But it's not your only option.

You can guide referrals to valuable WebinarNinja resources that help them decide to join - and still get your commission!

In the example below, you can see how to create a custom affiliate link for one of our sales webinar registration pages. But you can use the same exact process to create an affiliate link for any WebinarNinja URL

Basically, if you bring them to us, and they become a WebinarNinja, we'll hook you up as long as we can trace their initial engagement back to one of your links. 

Step 1: Click Custom Tracking Links then Alternate Incoming Page Links.

Step 2: Enter the URL of the page to which you want to send your referral then click click Create My Link. In the example below, we'll use:

Step 3: You will then find the new URL right below the link creation field. Copy the new URL with your unique affiliate link and it's ready to be shared with your referrals.

Wherever their engagement begins, you'll get your commission once the referral becomes a paying member. You'll continue to get commission as long as they remain a member.

Some great places to send your referrals include:

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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