Your co-host needs to have accepted your invitation to join you on your webinar. You can log in to the webinar 30 minutes before it starts for set up and preparation.

Here’s a guide you can send to them for reference.

Tip: You can create a separate webinar to practice on and if necessary, have your co-host upload their slide presentations. The uploaded files will be accessible across webinars but only to the user who uploaded it. Your co-host will not be able to access your slides and vice versa.

Logging into the webinar

Co-hosts can join you in the webinar as early as 30 minutes before it starts. With your mics and cameras set up, you should both see and hear each other immediately upon entering the studio. Only you can start and stop the broadcast.

Here’s a guide to setting up your camera and mic.

Click the Change Layout icon on the sidebar to control how your camera feeds are displayed on the webinar screen. Only you as the main host have the controls to change layouts and answer questions, as well as create polls and offers.

Co-hosts have the following permissions:

  • Use the chat area - Co-hosts can communicate with your attendees verbally on camera, and via text in the chat area.
  • Screen Share - Co-hosts can initiate screen sharing, displayed as a thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the webinar screen. You can double-click on the screen or click the arrows to maximize it.
  • Upload Slides - Co-hosts can upload and open slides. The slides will be displayed as a thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the webinar screen. Double-click on the slides or click the arrows to maximize it.
  • Upload Video - Co-hosts can upload and play YouTube videos.
  • Disable/Enable their mic and/or camera - The toggles for mic and camera appear at the bottom of the co-host's camera feed when they hover their cursor over it. They can click these icons to disable or enable their devices.

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