Not ready for your closeup? No problem. If you don't need to be on camera during a webinar, you can turn it off upon entering the studio.

When entering the studio, a window will pop up that allows you to check your devices. You'll see a toggle for your camera. Click on it to disable.

The preview will confirm your camera is off. Click "Enter The Studio" to proceed.

Inside the studio, you'll be able to start sharing your screen, or open your slides.

When you share your screen or open your slides, the image will initially appear in the bottom left corner. Click the arrows over it to bring it in front of the webinar screen.

You can have your avatar showing as you present your slides. Simply click the arrows in the top right corner of the screen.

Your avatar will then appear in the bottom left corner.

If you decide to go on camera, you can click the camera icon on your avatar.

It will look like this:

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