Here's a few important checkpoints before you start broadcasting:

  • Got a solid Internet connection? Use a wired connection if possible.
  • Any other bandwidth-hungry devices around? Disconnect them so they don't suck up all the Internets.
  • Any other apps running? Close whatever you don't need.
  • Computer plugged in? Don't wanna be scrambling for power mid-webinar.
  • Are you well-lit? We recommend a nice, simple ring light. 
  • Is your webcam at eye-line level? You should never look down at your camera.
  • Wearing earphones? This prevents audio feedback.
  • Are your presentation slides uploaded to the Studio?
  • Got an offer ready to roll in the Studio?
  • Are you breathing? In. Out. You got this.

For a more detailed guide on how to plan, create, and run a successful webinar, you can also check out our definitive guide, 'How to Run a Webinar'.

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