A series webinar has multiple sessions that requires a one-time registration which can either be free or paid. People sign up once and they will be registered for all the webinar sessions in the series. 

You can have a minimum of 2 webinars in your series and add more.

Each webinar (session) can be scheduled at different dates and times.

You can run a live series, a pre-recorded series, or a combination of both. Each session in your series webinar can be set as a live webinar or a pre-recorded one with either a YouTube video or a live webinar you ran in the past using WebinarNinja. 

You may add different sets of co-host/s to each session of your series webinar. 

Live Series Webinar

Like a regular live webinar, the host needs to present in the studio to start the live series webinar. It has a real time interaction via the chat, questions, and polls area. You can also share your screen, present slideshows, insert YouTube videos, and set up offers. Live series webinars are also recorded so there will be replay afterwards.

Pre-recorded Series Webinar

The host does not need to manually start a pre-recorded webinar. Just like a regular automated webinar the added video source will start at the scheduled time. The chat is disabled but you may set up polls and offers. On the questions tab, attendees will have option to send question to the host via email.

To create a series webinar, see this guide.

Note: As soon as a registrant signs up to your webinar series, they will get a registration confirmation email containing all the links to each webinar. If you decide to add more webinars to the series, those already registered will not get registered for the newly added webinar. This is because they opted in for the number of webinars you originally set. Existing registrants to your webinar series will have to manually register for the new webinar in the series.


  • You may run one webinar at a time- each up to 2 hours of broadcast.
  • If you're looking to run a test webinar, create a separate series webinar. 

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