A hybrid webinar allows you to run a pre-recorded webinar as you interact with attendees in real time. While you cannot go live on camera with this type of webinar, you can chat with attendees and answer their questions while a pre-recorded video plays- either a YouTube video or a previous live webinar replay.

As the host, you will need to be in the webinar studio to start the webinar and interact with your attendees. Here's a guide to running hybrid webinars.

Email notifications automatically send out to your registrants to remind them of the webinar they signed up for as it approaches. There is no replay for this type of webinar, so there will be no replay emails sending out after a hybrid webinar.

In the webinar studio, you can use the chat area to communicate with your attendees. Click here to learn more.

As the video plays, you can answer their questions on the questions area and prevent the questions from getting buried in the chat area.

You can also set up polls to conduct a survey...

...and set up offers to promote your business, product, or service.

To create a hybrid webinar, see this guide.


  • You may run one hybrid webinar at a time- each up to 2 hours of broadcast.

  • If you're looking to run a test webinar, create and run a separate hybrid webinar.

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