The email editor allows you to modify the email notifications that sends out to registrants to remind them of the upcoming webinar. With it, we are also able to write custom emails in addition to the default email notifications.

You will find the email editor when you go to (a) edit email notifications, (b) add custom email notifications, and (c) add co-hosts.

This is how our email editor generally looks like:

Step 1: First, give your email a snappy but informative subject line. In the screenshot below, the page to edit default email notifications is shown.

Step 2: Edit the message body to your liking. 

Formatting options:

Add formatting to your message and bring some highlight to different information.








Bullet point


Increase or decrease indentation for lists

Undo and redo edits

Email tags

Email tags shown to the right of the editor are used to auto-populate the email with the appropriate information when it sends out. Click on each tag or copy and paste them to the message body. Email tags are especially necessary when sending out the webinar/replay link because it is unique for each registrant.

Note: We cannot upload images, attach files, or use HTML codes on the message body. To include downloadable files to your emails, you can upload them to a file hosting site and place its sharing link on the message body as a hyperlink.

You may send a test email and see how it will look like when it sends out. Click Send Test Email underneath the message editor. You will find the test email in your account email address. 

Step 3: When you're done, click Save.

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