With WebinarNinja, you have the option to save your registration and thank you page templates, images, and videos. There is an individual file limit for images (2MB) and videos (2GB), but there is no total storage limit and there are no extra fees!

Be sure that any content you upload meets our Fair Use policy.

You can see and delete them from your Media Library.

To get to the page, click the Media Library icon on the sidebar from your dashboard.

Webinar Page Templates

Here you will see all your saved registration page and thank you page templates.

Hover on each template to show the following options:

Preview - This shows you how the actual webinar registration page looks like. Choose from the Viewing User and Webinar Type drop-down menus to set up how you want to preview the page. Once done, click View Preview and it opens in another tab.

Edit - This opens the page builder with which you can further edit the template. Choose the type of webinar you want to edit it for and click Edit Template.

See the following help articles to learn about the page builder:

Set As Default - This sets the template as the default registration/thank you page for all of your upcoming webinars. You may still edit or change the registration and thank you page of each of your webinars individually.

Duplicate - You don't have to start from scratch all the time when creating a template. You can make an exact copy of any template you created by clicking the Duplicate button. 

Delete any template by clicking the delete icon on the template preview.


Click on the Images tab to manage your saved photos. 

Click Add Image and select an image to upload to your account. 

Delete any image by clicking the delete icon on the image preview.


Click on the Videos tab to manage your uploaded videos.

Click Add Video and select a video to upload from your computer.

Hover on any video to show the preview, download, and delete options.

External Videos

Click on the External Videos tab to manage external videos you added from YouTube.

Click Add External Video and enter a YouTube video URL to add to your account.

Hover on any video to show the preview and delete options.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at support@webinarninja.com.

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