All your uploaded images and saved templates can be found in the Media Library.

Click Media Library on the left menu.

Webinar Page Templates

Registration Page

Here you will see all your saved registration page templates.

Thankyou Page

Click the Thankyou Page button to see all your saved thankyou page templates.

Hover on each template to show the following options:


  • The Preview button will show you how the webinar registration page will look like in public, to attendees, and to your co-host.
  • Click on the Viewing User drop box to select how you would like to preview the page.
  • You may also choose to preview how the template will look like for Live, Hybrid and Series webinars.
  • After choosing the Viewer User and Webinar Type, click the View Preview button. This will open another tab on your browser 


  • Click the Edit button to access the page builder and customize your registration or thank you page template.

See the following help articles to learn about the page builder, skipping to the part where it says, "To edit your registration page":

Set As Default 

  • This will set the template as the default registration/thank you page for all your upcoming webinars. 
  • You may still individually edit/change the registration and thank you pages of each of your webinars, completely following the guides linked right above.


  • You don't have to start from scratch all the time when creating a template. You may instantly make an exact copy of any template you have created by clicking the Duplicate button. This is helpful if you want to create a new version of a template with minimal changes and keep the original. 


  • Click the delete icon in the upper right corner to permanently remove any template.


Click on the Images tab to manage your saved photos. You can upload more images or delete uploaded ones.

Upload images

  • Click Add Image to upload images to your account.
  • A popup will appear from which you can select a photo from your computer. Choose your preferred photo and it will be saved here.

Delete images

  • Hover your mouse over the image and click the delete icon in the upper right.
  • A confirmation pop up will appear. Click Yes, Delete to proceed or click Cancel should you change your mind.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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