A live webinar is the most common type of webinar with full interactivity between the host and attendees. You can be live on camera or simply present a slideshow.

With live webinars, you interact in real time with your audience through your mic and camera, as well as the chat, questions, and polls area. You can also share your screen, present slideshows, insert YouTube videos, and set up offers.

You can have 100, up to 1000 attendees on a live webinar depending on the plan you signed up for. Attendees can communicate with you through the chat and questions area. They are unable to speak, raise their hand, or join you on-screen.

Invite a co-host upon creating a live webinar before the webinar starts. There is no option to add a co-host while the webinar is on-going.

Email notifications automatically send out to your registrants to remind them of the webinar they signed up for as it approaches. After a webinar ends, another email notification sends out to let them know when the webinar replay becomes available.

Registrations to your live webinar remains open even after it ends. This allows the webinar replay to become available indefinitely to both current and new registrants. If you would rather limit or disable access to your webinar replay, you can change it in Webinar Settings.

You can upload slides or insert videos anytime before the webinar starts. Set up polls and offers in advance for your attendees. The webinar actually starts when the Start Broadcast button is clicked. 

To create a live webinar, see this guide.


  • You may run one webinar at a time- each up to 2 hours of broadcast.

  • Once Start Broadcast is clicked, it can be refreshed or reloaded within 5 minutes in case of any connectivity issues. However, it cannot be restarted from the beginning. A webinar that has already ended cannot be reset.

  • If you're looking to run a test webinar, create a separate live webinar. See this guide for reference on running test webinars.

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