We launched WebinarNinja 5.0 back in September of 2017 where users from WebinarNinja 4.0, including lifetime members from AppSumo, are grandfathered in.

To access WebinarNinja 5.0, you will need to go through a few steps to activate your account. Logging in directly with your email address and password from version 4.0 will not work because your account needs to get set up first.

IMPORTANT: On October 14, 2019, WebinarNinja 4.0 will be closed and no longer be available to use. Until then, download your webinar recordings and export your registrants list as you will not have access to these data after the said date.

To activate your account on version 5.0:

Step 1: Go to https://my.webinarninja.com/login. You will see the login form. 

Step 2: Choose the Sign Up link at the bottom. You need to sign up for this first time.

Step 3: Sign up with your WebinarNinja account email address then create a password along with your display name and preferred timezone settings (you can change this later in your account). If you are asked for your credit card information, you are in the wrong place. Once done, click Claim Account.

3. You will get an email in your account email inbox asking you to validate your email address. Please click the validation link in the email so you can fully access your account.

Once you validate your email and accept the terms and conditions, our system will recognize your WebinarNinja Host account and automatically upgrade your account from a free account to the subscription you have.

You can now log into your account with your account email and newly created password at https://my.webinarninja.com/login at any time.

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