In your account, there is a collapsible menu / sidebar on the left with options that will bring you to different pages and functionalities.

Dashboard - This is the default page you will see after logging in to your account. This will show the summary of your webinar data at a glance. Clicking the Dashboard icon will bring you back to this page.

My Webinars - Click this to see the list of all your upcoming and past webinars. This page has various functionalities you can use to market and prepare your webinar.

Statistics - Shows the summary data of all your webinars at a glance as well as the statistic data of each webinar. Click on the dropdown to choose which webinar statistics you want to see.

The page where statistics are shown looks like the screenshot below. This page will be filled with information as more people sign up and attend your webinar.

Media Library - Shows you all your saved templates and images. Click on the Webinar Page Templates tab to see your saved registration pages.

Hover your mouse on each template to Preview, Edit, Set as Default or Duplicate each template.

Click on the Images tab to manage your saved photos. You can upload more images or delete your uploaded ones.

Integrations - You may integrate WebinarNinja with Stripe to take payments for your webinars.

We offer a Zapier integration to connect with many other apps, as well as direct integrations with a few email marketing systems.

To integrate a custom landing page as your webinar's registration page, set up a registration form template.

My Registrations - A webinar host may also register to another host's webinar. This is where you will see the list of the webinars you registered for. 

My Subscriptions - You can subscribe to other WebinarNinja hosts to be notified of their upcoming public webinars. This page shows the list of all the hosts you are subscribed to as well as their upcoming public webinars. 

My Subscribers - Other users can also follow you and be notified when you have an upcoming public webinar. You will find the list of your subscribers here.

Support - Access our collection of help articles and step by step support guides whenever you need help. Clicking the Support option on the sidebar as well as the links under the Support area on the dashboard will bring you here at our help center.

Account Settings - Shows you all your account information. This is where you can check and edit your account details, billing credentials and current plan, timezone, and notification settings.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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