A replay may be offered two hours after a live webinar ends. If it is available for access, there are 3 ways to access it.

  1. Once it becomes available, an email may be sent which includes a replay link to access anytime or before it expires.
  2. It may also be accessed using the webinar link you used to access the live webinar.
  3. Alternatively, log into your account and follow these steps below.

Note: You may sign up for free if you do not have a WebinarNinja account. Go to https://my.webinarninja.com/login and click Sign Up right underneath the Log In button. This allows you easy access to all of the webinars you've registered for.

Step 1: Log into your WebinarNinja account and you will see the My Registrations page first. This is where webinars you are registered for are listed.

Step 2: Go to Past Webinars where you will find webinars that have ended.

Step 3: Click Open Page to the right of the webinar title.

Step 4: On the next page there may be a note whether or not the replay is available for viewing. If it is, click Watch webinar replay.

You will be taken to the page where you can view the replay. You will also see the chat, questions, polls, and offers that were posted during the webinar. 

Note: To access the replay of the webinar you hosted, see this help article.

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