All live webinars are automatically recorded and a replay email is automatically sent to the registrants 2 hours after a webinar. 

Here's how to disable access or set a number days you want it available.

Step 1: Click My Webinars from the left menu.

Step 2: Find the webinar that you want to disable or limit. 

For live webinars, click Options to the right then click Webinar Settings.

For live webinars in a series, click Show All.

Click the options icon to the right of one webinar then click Webinar Settings.

Step 3: Under Webinar Replay Settings, you can specify the availability of your webinar replay.

  • No Expiration - Leave the replay available indefinitely

  • Expire After - Choose the number of days it remains available from the day the webinar occurred

  • No Replay After Webinar - Registrants cannot access the replay

To learn more about webinar replays, read this post.

Step 4: If you preferred, you can make your chosen settings the default settings for all of your webinars by clicking the checkbox that says Use these settings as default for all my webinars.

Step 5: Click Save Changes. All done!

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