During your webinar, you can change how your screen is displayed. This is especially useful when sharing your screen, presenting slides, playing a video, or presenting with a co-host.

When you enter the studio, you will see your camera feed on the webinar screen.

A shared screen, slide presentation, or video is initially displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen.

To maximize the screen at the bottom, simply double-click on it. Your camera feed will minimize and move to the corner. It looks like this:

Here's how it looks like if you had 4 screens open where the slides are maximized. In this case, the camera feed, shared screen, slides, and video are all open. These screens can also show your co-hosts. Click here to learn more about adding co-hosts. 

Double click on any one of the screens at the bottom to maximize them.

Click the Change Layout icon on the left menu to see more options.

The split-screen layout below is best for when you have a co-host on your webinar! 

Click the blue fullscreen button to go full screen and hide the rest. 

Going full screen will look like the screenshot below. Click the blue fullscreen button again to bring the rest of the screens back up.

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