Rather than have your attendees' questions get buried in the chat area, have them post in the dedicated questions area for you to look at during the designated Q&A part of your webinar. This is located just underneath the webinar screen.

As soon as any of your attendees post a question, it will appear in the open questions area.

The Start Answering button allows you to mark the exact time on your webinar when you verbally address the question. This way, replay viewers can skip to that precise moment of the webinar. Click this button, then start answering the question live.

When you're done answering, click Stop Answering. This will automatically move the question to the Answered area. Otherwise, click the X button next to it to cancel.

You can also click Post a Comment to type further remarks regarding the question.

Clicking Mark as answered immediately moves a question from the Open area to the Answered area. This is useful when you've already answered a question from earlier.

Click Answered to see and review all answered questions.

Click the X button to the right of a question to completely delete it. Put your cursor over the question you want to delete and the button will appear. It is hidden by default.

Note: Replay viewers can click the timestamp below the answered question.  This allows them to skip to that part of the replay when you answered that question!

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