Schedule additional email notifications relative to the webinar start time and end time or manually send them anytime. 

Note: You can send up to 10 custom email notifications per webinar.

Learn more about email notifications in this guide.

Go to the Email Notifications page

Step 1: Click My Webinars on the left and you will be taken to the My Webinars page.

Step 2: Find the webinar for which you want to edit email notifications. 

  • Click the Options button to the right then choose Email Notifications from the drop-down.
  • For a webinar series, the instruction above brings you to where you can edit the registration confirmation email for the entire series. You can edit the rest of the email notifications for each individual webinar by clicking Show All to the right, clicking the options icon to the right of each webinar, and then clicking Email Notifications from the drop-down.

Step 3: Choose if you want to edit the emails or add a new one.

To add email notifications:

Step 1: Click + Add Notification.

Step 2: A floating window will come up where you can modify your own email notification.

  • First, give the email a name for your own reference. 
  • Choose to send this email to all registrants, attendees only, or non-attendees only.
  • Next, give it a snappy but informative subject line.
  • For Send Type, choose to send the email manually whenever you are ready or have it scheduled to send out automatically.

Click Manual to send it whenever you are ready. A Send Now button becomes available on the Email Notifications page after saving this email. 

Click Relative Date & Time to specify when you want it to automatically send out. It is based on the time when you actually start or end your webinar regardless of the webinar schedule. With this option, you get to choose when to send this email.

  • Edit the message body to your liking. Email tags are shown on the right used to auto-populate the email with the appropriate information when it sends out. Click on each tag or copy and paste them to the message body. Email tags are especially necessary when sending out the webinar/replay link because it is unique for each registrant.

Note: We cannot upload images, attach files, or use HTML codes on the message body. To include downloadable files to your emails, you can upload them to a file hosting site and place its sharing link on the emails.

  • Clicking Change Default Email will take you to your Account Settings page where you can change your sent from email address.

Step 3: When you're done, click Save.

More options for your email notification:

  • Active - This is toggled to be enabled by default which means this email is scheduled to be sent. Disable this option if you do not want this email to send out.
  • Save as Default - Toggle this option if you want this email to be auto-generated with all of your upcoming webinars of the same type. The toggle is separate for the other types of webinars.

After saving, the email you added will now appear on the Email Notifications page along with the default emails.

If you added emails to be sent manually, click the Send Now button to the right of it whenever you preferred.

To delete email notifications that you've added, click the trash bin icon.

Note: If you deleted an email that was saved as default, it will no longer be auto-generated with upcoming emails of the same type.

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