This unique feature allows you to stay updated on webinars from your favorite hosts. A Subscribe button can be found on the Thank You page after registering for a webinar, as well as on the My Registrations page. You'll get automatic notifications and invitations to register for all newly published webinars from the hosts of your choice. You can also search for new hosts, subscribe to them, see all their upcoming webinars, and register on the Webinar Finder.

You can view your subscriptions by clicking the My Subscriptions button on the left menu.

You can find your subscriptions listed on this page. You can also find the Unsubscribe button under their name for when you want to unsubscribe.

Webinars that you are registered for are listed as shown. You can easily sign into these webinars by clicking the Open Page button to the right. Clicking the 'i' icon beside that will take you to the webinar's registration page. The Share button allows you share the webinar link via social media or email.

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